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Industrial Lumber

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Industrial Lumber by Townsend Lumber mills

Townsend Lumber is Southwestern Ontario’s largest hardwood sawmill operation that harvests, saws and processes the most tree varieties of any Canadian lumber company in the region. Since we purchase the widest selection of standing timber from land owners, and not just the premium species, we’ve become a trusted producer of industrial wood products.

Townsend Lumber’s main site has an impressive 170-acre facility that processes hardwood logs to produce high quality grade lumber, industrial timbers and white pine timbers up to 32’ long.

Heat Treated Industrial Lumber

Our heat treatment facility is equipped with 12 dry kilns and one steam kiln on-site, making Townsend Lumber capable of treating a variety of precut timber, export timbers and finished packaging.

Radio Frequency Kiln Dried Timbers

With a Radio Frequency Kiln on site, Townsend truly is a ‘one stop’ shop for all your timber needs. Save on freight and additional costs by trusting Townsend Lumber for your timber supply and drying needs.
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Mackenzie ‘MAC’ Troyer – OCT, B.ed, BSc, OMDP (Industrial Lumber Sales Manager)

Phone:  519-842-6015
Fax:  519-842-9467

Townsend Industrial Lumber – Direct from the Sawmill

Townsend Lumber offers a large selection of industrial products that are completely customizable to suit the unique needs of our clients. The list below provides a glimpse of the types of products we prepare for order:

  • Timber frames & cabin timbers
  • S4S timbers in white pine, white oak, douglas fir
  • Railway ties & bridge timbers
  • Construction lagging & shoring lumber
  • Mine lumber & dunnage
  • Pre-cut pallet & packaging components
  • Export packaging timbers & dunnage
  • Railcar decking & drilled panels
  • Truck trailer decking- S4S or rough
  • Timbers up to 40’ length
  • Radio Frequency Kiln Dried timbers
  • Horse fencing, T&G stall boards
  • Marine shipping dunnage & blocking
  • Board road lumber
  • Wedges & chock blocks
  • Pallet cants & rough boards
  • Hexagonal Timbers
  • Ship-lap decking & planking

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