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Townsend’s Roots

Townsend Lumber may be Southwestern Ontario’s largest sawmill operation, but we’re also a family business with strong values. Values like keeping our word and honouring the relationships we have with every one of our customers.

After more than 60 years in the industry, we’ve built a reputation for being a business with integrity among landowners, contractors, and consumers alike. Our customers range from DIY-ers to wholesalers, with a specific focus on those that support Canadian jobs. They’re people and businesses who appreciate that we use innovative technology like VisionTally—because tradition doesn’t have to mean outdated—but they’re also landowners who count on us to offer fair prices, treat their land with respect and show up when we say we’re going to.

At Townsend Lumber, we know our business is only as strong as the communities and customers we serve. Whether it’s sponsoring sports teams or participating in local government, we’re helping to make our community and local economy stronger. We’re also committed to protecting Canadian jobs and bringing more infrastructure to Southwestern Ontario, which is why our lumber is sourced and processed right here in Canada.

At the core of our business is a deep respect for the land and a commitment to responsible forest management. We want to continue serving Canadians for many generations to come, which means maintaining healthy, productive forests. As an FSC certified and Preferred By Nature™ certified producer, our skilled employees make sure that trees are felled properly, habitats are protected, and woodlots are left in good condition. Townsend Lumber harvests, saws and processes the most tree varieties of any company in Southwestern Ontario, which means we buy the widest variety of standing timber from landowners, rather than only buying select species.

We stand behind our words and actions; we stand behind the Townsend name.

Townsend Family Values

Townsend Lumber has been family-owned-and-operated for three generations. We are dedicated members of the community who celebrate our roots at every turn and welcome new members into the fold with open arms.

We believe families are stronger the more they communicate. To that end, Townsend Lumber embraces an open-door policy where thoughts, questions and concerns are treated with the compassion and respect they deserve.

Families are made up of people who accept one another and work to maintain healthy relationships. We recognize that our differences are just as important as our similarities.

We want future generations continuing to treat the natural world with care and respect. Townsend Lumber has adopted a mindful approach to sustainable forestry, committed to conserving biodiversity, enhancing/protecting wildlife habitats and watersheds, as well as reducing the build-up of greenhouse gases.

Innovation is a large part of what has made Townsend Lumber what it is today. For our company to continue evolving we keep our eyes, ears and minds peeled for fresh, exciting ideas that will propel us further along the path of success.

Staff. Team. Family. At Townsend Lumber, these words are infused with a sense of integrity and loyalty from those who understand no one gets anywhere alone. For us, teamwork isn’t some empty buzzword, it’s been a mainstay of our success for the past 60 years.

Standing for Forests, Standing for Community.

Preferred by Nature
Ontario Wood
Tillsonburg District Memorial Hospital
Theatre Tillsonburg
Big Brothers Big Sisters
Tillsonburg And District Hostorical Society
Tillsonburg Hurricanes
UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) Download
the UN Declaration

More Organizations We’re Proud to Support

  • Tillsonburg Turtlefest
  • Bayfest, Port Rowan, Ontario
  • Camp Trillium
  • Courtland Public School
  • Dorchester Ringette Association
  • Kitchener Spirit, Boys soccer team
  • Norfolk Oldtimers Men’s Hockey
  • Tillsonburg Community Centre Living
  • Tillsonburg Minor Soccer
  • Bursaries to Valley Heights Secondary School & Courtland Public School students
  • Tillsonburg Horticultural Society
  • Youth for Christ- K2K Productions, Woodstock, Ontario

Integrity is in Our Nature

  • Over 175 employees from local communities

  • Family owned & operated for over 60 years

  • Dozens of employees with 20-30+ years at Townsend Lumber

  • Great opportunities for promotion and job growth

A Thriving Ecosystem

Townsend Lumber Inc. operates 3 sawmills in Southwestern Ontario and produces in excess of 24 million board feet of quality lumber annually.

Proudly Tillsonburg. Proudly Townsend.

Located on Jackson Sideroad, RR#2, Tillsonburg, Ontario, Townsend Lumber’s main site has an impressive 170-acre facility that processes hardwood logs to produce high quality grade lumber, industrial timbers and white pine timbers up to 32’ long.

The pallet sawmill is also found at the main location, processing hardwood and softwood logs intended for industrial and pre-cut wood pallet components along with industrial packaging materials.

Entrepreneurial Attitude

Townsend Lumber has always operated with an aim of constant improvement. From Robert growing the business to supply lumber beyond individual farmers, to David who moved the facility to a larger swath of land and designing the revolutionary Breeze Dried stick, Townsend Lumber knows how important it is to evolve within the industry.

Get to Know Townsend’s Extended Family of Brands

Kitchener Forest Products:

Townsend Lumber acquired Kitchener Forest Products in 1991. Strategically located by the original founder over 100 years ago, Kitchener Forest Products rests in the heart of some of the finest hard maple timberland to be found in Southwestern Ontario.

This sawmill is responsible for producing high quality grade hardwood lumber that is subsequently sent to Tillsonburg to undergo the kiln drying process.

BreezeWood Floors

The Townsend family of businesses also extends into the world of retail with BreezeWood Floors, an innovative designer and manufacturer of fine hardwood flooring.

Established in 1999, BreezeWood Floors has become a leading manufacturer of Canadian-made, locally sourced hardwood flooring. Having long since installed its own finishing line at the main Tillsonburg facility, Townsend/BreezeWood has complete control over product quality. Additionally, with material sourced nearby, this operation makes for an incredibly low carbon footprint.

Breeze Dried Sticks

In 1994, David Townsend invented Breeze Dried sticks in response to the problem of sticker stain that affects lumber during the drying process. This patented design allows more air to reach lumber that is stacked, which in turn cuts kiln drying costs by up to 50 per cent.

An innovation that revolutionized the industry, Breeze Dried went on to become a successful business in and of itself. Today, Townsend Lumber provides custom-made Breeze Dried sticks to customers, further ensuring the longevity and quality of its products.

All lumber and wood products made by Townsend Lumber are made from local, Canadian lumber that has been ethically sourced. Our timber buyers and harvesting crews are continually educated in correct harvesting procedures, forest management practices and environment principles to ensure the timber selected to be cut is made with the long-term health of the woodlot in mind.”


Apply today for a fast-paced, rewarding career in the forestry industry, and become the latest member of the Townsend Lumber family.

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Industrial Lumber

Shipping over 50 types of certified Canadian quality hardwood for industrial uses globally.

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Forestry Log Procurement

Helping Ontario landowners get the most value for their timber assets with fair prices.

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Townsend Lumber FAQs

Does Townsend Lumber carry Douglas fir timbers?

Yes, we do. We have a wide variety of Douglas fir products from BC, Canada.

What moisture percentage does Townsend Lumber kiln dry their lumber to?

Townsend Lumber kiln dries our lumber down to 6-8%.

Does Townsend Lumber sell MDF trims and Mouldings?

No, we do not sell any MDF.  We manufacture all of our solid hardwood trims here on-site in Tillsonburg. Our trim and mouldings are available in a variety of species and styles. We encourage you to come into our retail store to see the many profiles and sizes available, and to discuss your project needs.

Does Townsend Lumber sell to the general public?

Yes, we sell to everyone, whether it is a large project or a small request. Everyone is welcome.

Does Townsend Lumber offer delivery?

Yes, we deliver; delivery charges apply.

Does Townsend Lumber offer custom cut/size timbers?

Yes, tell us your dimensions and we can make it happen!  We also offer timber dressing for a more finished look.

What methods of payment does Townsend Lumber accept?

We accept cash, debit, Mastercard, Visa and cheques if under $1,000.00.

Does Townsend Lumber custom mill products?

Yes, Townsend Lumber does custom mill a variety of products! We can replicate most trims to match the existing trim in your home. We also offer dressed 4 sides (D4S) material in specific dimensions. If you have a unique project, come on in and speak to one of our Townsend Lumber Retail sales representatives and we will be happy to help you out.

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