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Grade Lumber

from Townsend Lumber

Grades Above

Townsend Lumber offers kiln dried grade lumber in all of the Carolinian forest hardwood lumber species. We source all of our timber from local woodlots in Southwestern Ontario, primarily from private landowners. The logs are sawn into high quality lumber using modern technology along with knowledgeable staff, ensuring each log is analyzed and cut for its best use.

On-Site Kiln Drying

With over 30 years experience, and 12 dry kilns and a steam kiln on-site, Townsend is a proud supplier of high quality, consistent kiln dried lumber. Once kiln dried, Townsend’s grade lumber is re-graded and scanned using the first Vision Tally system implemented in Canada. We are a proud long-term supplier to many domestic and international partners. With experience in overseas packaging and shipping, Townsend Lumber currently exports to the USA, United Kingdom, Vietnam, China and India.

Richard Pace (Grade Lumber Sales Manager)

Phone:  519-842-7011
Fax:  519-842-9467

The Townsend Touch

What began as a family business over 60 years ago under Robert Townsend and Bert Abbott, Townsend Lumber has amassed a wealth of industry knowledge and experience. Rooted in our success is a commitment to quality and respect for the natural environment that continues to assure domestic and international customers alike.

Picture of a black and white photo of the Townson Family from the 80's.

Setting the Standard for Canadian Grade Lumber

  • Our experienced NHLA certified lumber graders check and re-check lumber when it’s green and again after it’s kiln dried
  • Itemized tallies and images can be provided per bundle using our Vision Tally system
  • Customers can request Townsend to sort for species, colour, length, and width
  • Computerized dry and steam kilns for precise measurements ensure the highest quality every time
  • Indoor storage for all kiln-dried material to maintain a consistent moisture content
  • Lumber waxing and painting available on-site

Our Lumber Species

Types of Lumber Dryness Available

GREEN: Undried, green lumber directly from the mill & stacked on Breeze Dried stacking sticks.
AIR: Lumber stacked outdoors on Breeze Dried stacking sticks & allowed to dry.

KILN: Lumber kiln dried on Breeze Dried stacking sticks & stored indoors.
STEAM: Lumber kiln steamed on Breeze Dried stacking sticks to customer specifications.

Species Green Air Kiln Steam
Grey Elm
Hard Maple
Red Elm
Red Oak
Soft Maple
White Ash
White Oak
Yellow Poplar
Dark wood panels stacked in concrete wearhouse.

Sustainable Forest Management helps our local forests remain healthy and productive, and supports a strong forest industry to provide people with jobs and forest products.

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